Frequently asked questions about the platform

The capacity is a variable of the material to be transported and will depend on the type of project,
however at a density of 1400 gr/lt of OBM, the capacity of each blower is 18
tons per hour.
Each UMTC has two blowers, so we are in the order of 36 tons per hour.

Yes, both can be used at the same time, doubling the conveying capacity or one
blower at a time, depending on the cutting generation.

A specialized technician every 12 hours of operation.

Yes, collect from the primary screens and you can do it from the Mud Cleaner. It will depend on the
type of drill rig layout in the specific application.
For decanters, the DryLocations® system proposes the use of trays, using gravity to fill them. Each trough with its sensor measurement system for volumetric monitoring.

The transport lines are a combination of carbon steel and hoses with 3" quick couplings.

No. Trays are a client's hire. Designing the suitability of the rafts is part of the DryLocations® system.

The system is designed to have double redundancy in the operation, on the other hand the UMTC consists of an entrance hopper, which depending on the project, can reach up to 5m3 of storage capacity.

Minimum 220 volts for the control system of the panels.

Any type of compressor can be used, electric or diesel with a nominal capacity of 5m3/hour. There are two units, one back of the other.

Come on down. 2.5 BAR nominal. The system conveys by low pressure and high air flow.

Yes. The UMTC is built to bomb-proof standards. The compressor(s) will be outside the radius of the center of the well.


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