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The level of sensorization

Redundant / ultrasonic level measurement and detection

The DRYLOCATIONS© industrial platform has an intermediate level that connects the physical level with the operational level: the cyberphysical level.

The level measuring system for containers with semi-solid waste has ultrasonic sensors for each container. They are characterized by their reliability, versatility and robustness. They are widely used in various industrial applications for object detection and level measurement with millimetre accuracy.

The physical principle of operation is based on the emission and reception of electromagnetic waves, i.e. vibration waves and measurement of the return time. Therefore, there is no contact between the sensor and the fluid, which allows a minimum of maintenance due to sedimentation during the whole process. A considerable advantage when using this type of meter is that it is independent of external factors such as humidity, temperature, filling noise, variations in fluid density, which makes it ideal for conditions where solids control processes are carried out.

The measured variable is acquired by a programmable logic controller or PLC for its later processing and transmission to the operational level of the industrial platform DRYLOCATIONS ©.


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