The UMTC© units: Our pneumatic cutting transport units

The unit is a system of silos by positive pressure under the concept of dense phase, low pressure, high flow, commanded by a system of human-machine interface for operation in automatic or manual.

The operation of a pneumatic conveying system basically consists of moving a product within a sealed pipeline through a stream of air. Each system has its own unique set of operating characteristics for pressure, conveying line velocity, efficiency and performance. Because each material to be conveyed reacts differently under a given set of operating conditions, matching the system's operating characteristics to the material to be conveyed is extremely critical to achieving the most desired conveying performance and providing the best value for the customer.

There are two main categories of transport: Dilute Phase and Dense Phase. The UMTC® was developed specifically to transport drilling cuttings. For this specific product, the conventional pressure conveying system, which is a dense phase concept, with a medium to high pressure batch conveying system is recommended.

It is generally used to convey high to medium density, heat sensitive, semi-abrasive and/or very abrasive, cohesive and/or very fragile materials in almost any particle size range. Examples include silica sand, glass batch, granulated sugar, powdered sugar, plastic granules, bentonite, cement, starch, silica flour, clay clay, kaolin clay, zinc oxide and alumina.

The evolution: UMTC®

As a solution, the DRYLOCATIONS® platform provides
the Mobile Cutting Transport Unit: UMTC®

  • Reliability

    Same application as regular blower operations on a mobile, stand-alone device.

  • Adaptability

    As many rafts are needed as the volumetric study of each well or drilled section: 2 operators on site (day/night).

  • Simplicity

    Lot with no tractor trucks (no drivers) on site.

  • Real-time monitoring

    Tractor trucks in a "cloud", coordinated by the DRYLOCATIONS® operational level software in a control room

  • Transport technology

    Pneumatic conveying (positive pressure) of cuts to higher capacity storage racks (NOT at floor level)


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