The DRYLOCATIONS© platform, the UMTC© units and the Cyncrony© software are trademarks of Matra srl.

Matra SRL is a young and dynamic company, with high experience in human capital and with a solid commitment in the quality of its works and services, with a market of performance in the oil and mining industry.
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Gustavo Principe

Head of Engineering

We have developed a high-tech industrial product, which meets the highest operational standards for the critical requirements of hydrocarbon drilling and which is helping service companies to reduce their costs. Our laboratory engineering is an operational success in the most critical conditions.

Guillermo Fantini

Global Operations Manager

The DRYLOCATIONS © platform is the most disruptive industrial technology of the last 30 years in the niche market associated with the services of waste generated in the drilling process. We are very proud of our technology and its operational results.

Federico Amigone

Data Scientist

Our research and development process makes it possible for the operational layer of the platform to transform an obsolete and costly industrial process into an efficient, connected, monitored and secure operational flow. We develop the technology that makes Industry 4.0 possible.


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